Browser File Transfer

Dead simple drag-and-drop files to anyone on any device. No sign-ups, no emailing, no hassle.

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How it Works


Whenever you go on, your device will be assigned a random animal and a "FileRoom."


Find your recipient's animal. Each animal is another device on the same Wi-Fi or local network in the FileRoom.


Drag-and-drop the file you want to send on the recipient's animal (or tap/click on the animal to select a file).

And You're Done!

The recipient can choose to download or reject the file and you’ll be notified.

Even Works Remotely

If the person you want to send to is not on the same Wi-Fi or local network, just share the FileRoom's link instead. It's that easy.

Try FileRoom Now

Test it yourself by opening two tabs with


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with my files?

Nothing! We don't even want your files (storage is expensive)! You securely upload files up to 2GB temporarily to us and they get deleted immediately after use. If no one downloads your files in 5 minutes, they are automatically deleted from our servers.

How can I find my recipient?

Easy peasy! You're an animal, they're an animal. Give the right animal the right file.

How do you detect nearby devices?

We use your IP address, which is the only piece of info we need from you. Note that large companies and institutions use multiple IP addresses for their networks, so if you don't see someone, invite them to your room using the link.

Can my device use FileRoom?

Does it have a web browser? Then yes! There's absolutely no proprietary technology involved.

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